Top 5 Umbrella Designs

Let’s face it, people; Indian monsoons are a big problem for all of us. Tricky roads, tricky weather and not so forgiving potholes. But this monsoon, we are on a mission to face these difficulties with our favorite armour: Umbrellas. And the umbrellas we are mentioning here are full of bright prints, fun colors and are bound to add a vibrant lining to otherwise black sky.

Kehklo Multicolor Umbrella

To all those mystical art lovers this umbrella is a Godsend umbrella for you. This umbrella is such that is bound to stand out from the crowd. Don’t believe us? Try it once. Buy this umbrella to be a Rain Warrior with artistry being your trusted general.

Stag Doodle Printed White Bi- Fold Umbrella 

Are you someone who loves your classy whites? Are you one of those people who have spared no plain thing from your doodles? If yes, is your answer then this umbrella is heaven for you. This umbrella has quirky and sarcastic doodles imprinted on them, to make you inspire all day long. We are sure this one will be your favourite travel buddy!!

Helmet Umbrella 

The name sounds weird, right? But the design in reality is very “practical”.  We all do get irritated right, when our clothes get drenched in rain water. But how about an umbrella that doubles as both: covers your head as well as clothes. This is what helmet umbrella does. Easy to hold and made from tensile strength products, this for all rainstorms.

Kehklo Game of Thrones Umbrella 

Didn’t the name only bought a smile to your face? The umbrella will surely do, all GOT lovers love to hoard GOT themed stuff. Be it cards, diaries, pens and now umbrellas too!! With a GOT themed umbrella, we are all set to face rains like a pro.

Banana Umbrella

Imagine an umbrella in bright yellow colour, making us remember the bright sunshine filled days and folding it in a banana case. Sounds as if something like this can only be a product of your imagination. But the time has come when our imagination, is becoming reality. This one apart from being all things cute is resistant, tough and solid. What are you waiting for?? Go grab!!

And as we say all the time, thank us later!! *self- love is important*


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