Social Media and Us!

Seems like finally the social media boomerang has struck us hard or better still, all that we nurtured ( probably weeded) has come back to plaque us ( Don’t be vexed with my fondness for the archaic language, it’s just very natural for a literature graduate).
Gone are the days of beautiful and neat profiles and what is left today is an overdose of useless hashtags and the skin deep pout ( Excuse me people, sometimes it’s just not essential).
I am no big Social Media priest but I hear a common sentiment and cannot stop myself from using this platform to make it for available for your disposal.
Here is an account of the five irritating Social Media habits that must immediately STOP!

1. (Hash tag)Irrelevant (Hash tag) Hash tag
If I were to put across to you the consistency at which everyone has been using hash tags for all the possible weird reasons, it wouldn’t be hard to acknowledge the absolute nonsense sometimes people put across with it.
Also one does not simply put an entire sentence where the spacebar excuses itself for a hash tag.
#Chilling#in#the#(Restaurant/ lounge/disc/pub) would have made equal sense without the hash tags. Period.

2. Upper Case.
You’re happy and you know it and hence you shout! With a word or two in the capitals…. Appreciated. However much the entire paragraphs in Capitals is a big No- No.
Not only do they drain the importance of your carefully crafted paragraphs but are also an eye sore!

3. Unnecessary Poke.
The poke used with a certain decency and decorum could have worked wonders in your favour. Carve this fact in stone- An un-replied-to poke is a decent way of letting you know that the person concerned is uninterested. Continuous poking or regular messages reminding about the poke or calling the other person a ‘poke friend’ is creepy. Stay away from that.

4. Stalking limits.
Stalking is fun. No one denies that. But you don’t stalk your friend’s friends and send them a request disclaiming your much felt attraction to them. Not only are you risking your being put on the block list rather straining a great deal of cordiality between the other two.
Fondness is to be contained to a permissible limit!
Therefore in this case, you do not always love thy neighbor’s neighbour.

5. Funny Syntax
People, any form of writing with asterisks and dollar signs in between is not even a cliché anymore, besides it’s neither cool. If you’re still doing it, I just wish you a speedy recovery!

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