4 Offbeat Places to visit in Mumbai

Agreed Mumbai as a city can be intimidating. This city comes with load and loads of mayhem, and it is increasingly difficult to find peace in this city and spots that make you find the much desired solitude. So, continuing our series of offbeat places, we have the much looked forward list for Mumbai now.


Whenever we think of Mumbai, we tend to associate it with British Rule. But what many forget is that it was founded actually by the Portuguese.  If you wish to see one of the marvels that give us a glimpse of colourful Portuguese culture, you definitely should give this place a visit! Colourful houses tend to give this place a very Goan feel!

Cathedral of the Holy Name


How great it is to visit a Church for spiritual introspection? It indeed is. This Cathedral might not be as crowded as Mount Mary but surely is as beautiful as the latter. This Cathedral is located in the heart of Mumbai, Colaba and is the best place to get a sneak peak of peace if you are in the bustling street of Colaba

Vasai Fort


You are not a Mumbaikar, if you don’t love the Portugese for these architectural marvels. Every Mumbaikar now and then, has had   a little too much of the city life. And this is when this fort steps in.  The lush verdant and the environment that reeks of serenity, makes this fort a must visit. Make your weekends free from partying and instead chose to spend your Saturday here, introspection and retrospection would come naturally to you.

P.S: Maharashtra government or private agencies tend to organise Yoga workshops here, nothing is better than those!

Town House Library

Are you an avid reader? History excites you? If that is the case, we are sure you are going to love this Library. This library reeks of the Victorian era and very majestically has served the people from 1833. This library overlooks the Horniman Circle and is now called as The Asiatic Society of Bombay; this society was founded to promote oriental arts and literature. It has 80000 volumes of which 15000 are rare.  We are sure all readers are ready to rock and roll!

Bye, bye weekends devoted to malls!!

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