5 Things To Do In Almora

“Live your life by a compass, not a clock.” – Stephen Covey


Nature is always liberating. We live in a country which is incredibly beautiful, full of charm and there is no end to exploring new places. Its often said that you meet yourself when you travel.  The feeling of being an alien to a place when you see a map transforms into something beautiful when you visit the place and a sense of alienation transcends to familiarity and adventure. Its not only destination that you fall in love with but the roads that are less traveled. Popularly known as the cultural heart of Uttarakhand, Almora is famous for its scenic beauty, food, and culture. The town is located at an average elevation of 1, 646 meters above sea level. Earlier this place was known as Rajapur, developed by the locals of this place called Kumaoni.


A list of things that you might prefer to do in Almora:


Trek to the Zero Point


The woods are lovely, dark and deep… Delve deeper into the woods where no one resides. Trekking to the Zero Point is the best way to explore the lovely and green beauty of Binsar wildlife sanctuary and is indubitably one of the best things to do in Almora. You can see Himalayan peaks like Kedarnath Peak, Shivling and Trishul.


Go back to Past at Lakhudiyar Cave


There is a prehistoric cave which enthralls the visitors. It is believed that the cave dates back to the times of early men who used to live there. This might interest you if you are an antiquarian. You can witness the beauty of hand-painted drawings inscribed on walls that portray the life of early men.


Plan a Picnic To Kalimath


This is one of the stunning places in Almora and is extremely famous for its gorgeous green surroundings. Plan a picnic with your friends and escape to the pathless woods, set a campfire and let no one intrude you.

Visit Dwarahat Village


If you want to know Almora’s culture and witness its untouched beauty, you should pay a visit to one of its idyllic spaces, called Dwarahat Village. Country life has always been a space of innocence. Similarly, the voice of joy and innocence echoes when you enter this village.  

Enjoy The Spectacular View From The Bright End Corner


The Bright End Corner is located at a distance of 2 Kms from Almora. You can look at light, darkness, greens, mountains as it offers an indescribable view. Witness sunset before you leave for your home.

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