A Pocketful of Trips!

Don’t we all wish to travel to unknown lands and explore the unexplored? We all do, right? However, the high currency exchange rates makes you stock those plans in a closet.

Thankfully there still are a few places in the world, where the Indian rupee still rules the roost. We bring to you a list of 5 such destinations where you can spend, like a royal!

1) Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that caters to all. Foodies visiting the country can live a life of pure indulgence while those who have a penchant for cultures can experience the best in Hue.

Vietnam has all the ingredients of nature as well as that of a cosmopolitan city.

Along Bay is the go-to place should you wish to establish a one-to-one connect with nature. It is also a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Those who love to spend their holidays in a metropolis as well as relish the charm of a cosmopolitan city, Ho Chinh Min City is your destination.

And for all those art, culture and history aficionados, a visit to Hue is a must. The very essence of this city lies in the Nguyen emperors and the very fine interior detailing within its architectural masterpieces.

Quick tip: Don’t forget to take a boat trip on Perfume River, and yes, savour on Vietnam’s street food.

Currency value: 1INR =336 Dong ( Now that is real cheap! Ain’t it?)

2) Indonesia
Be it leisure, culture or peace one can find everything here.
Indonesia boasts of 17000 islands, some of which still remain unexplored. The first Island you should hop to is Bali. Reasons? It literally has won every travel award and even after somewhat commercialization, it still speaks of real beauty and peace.
One thing that should be on your travel list is Ultuwahu and Tannah Lot. Tour operators provide a temple tour to these at laidback costs.
All those looking to dive while they are on their holiday, Raja Tampat is the place to be as it hosts 75% of entire World’s coral species.
Quick tip: Hike the Mount Lombok to witness the sunrise or sunset, it is ethereal.
Currency value: 1INR to 205 Indonesia Rupiah
3) Bhutan
Bhutan is a definite destination which will certainly make you breathe a life of fresh air. It is a destination for solo travellers, family, romantic getaways and for adventure lovers. From rocky highlands to undisturbed lush green scenery, this country has all.
Paro, a must see in Bhutan, is a beautiful valley covered with rice fields all around. National Museum of Paro, has a rich collection of stamps, Thalangka paintings and traditional items showcasing the true essence of Bhutanese culture. Rinpung Dzongo is a fine monastery which holds its festival of masks annually. All those who love to experience different cultures, Paro should be definitely on your list.
Thimpu, the beautiful capital is something that ought not to be missed. Sitting in the laps of Himalayan mountains with mesmerising scenes from Chuu river, this city is the true epitome of beautiful and meaningful quietness. Thimpu retains its old World charm even with buildings made for modern uses because of Bhutan’s building restrictions. National Memorial Chortehn and Motihang Tajin Preserve are two marvels that one needs to witness.
Quick tip:  Do not forget to take a trip down to Takstang Monastery, not only for spiritual upliftment but also for the best views you can witness.
Currency Value:1 INR =1 Bhutanese Ngultrum
4) Sri Lanka
For Marco Polo, Sri Lanka was the finest islands. From balmy Indian Ocean waters to greenery, this country is the best destination for those who need a respite from city’s life.
Kandy, an administrative and a religious city, is approximately 71kms from Colombo. You will find yourself mesmerised with the awe-worthy gardens and will feel a deep sense of introspection at Buddha’s tooth relic. Trincomalee is located in the Easter part of Kandy. This city has attracted travellers from all around the world and is religiously significant for both Sinhalas and Hindus.
Quick tip: While in Sri Lanka, don’t forget to take a dip in Ravana falls.
Currency: 1 INR= 2.37 Sri Lankan Rupee
5) Seychelles
Seychelles is one holiday destination that promises to offer a wonderful vacation to everyone.
Virgin forests, coral reefs, white sand beaches are the makings of a memorable trip and yes, did I forget to mention UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Seychelles should be on the bucket list of all those who love to indulge in fishing, diving, snorkeling and surfing.
Mahe’ is a photographer’s approved island because of its picturesque locations. This island is located on the South coast of Seychelles and deserves a visit from every beach lover.
Port Victoria named after Queen Victoria after her coronation encompasses exotic plants, flying foxes, giant tortoises and an orchid garden. A miniature of Big Ben can be seen here too.
Quick tip: Your trip to Seychelles cannot be complete without a trip to Valle’e de Mai National Park. This forest contains giant coco de mer fruit palm(only can be seen in Seychelles), vanilla orchids and latanier.
Currency: 4.75 INR= 1 Seychellois
So, what is the wait?? Treat yourselves to an amazing vacation and live the life of pure indulgence.
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