Delhi Metro travelling

Delhi Metro

All of us who have had the luxury of living in the capital have faced what we can easily term
‘the metro menace’. Somehow in a span of about 2 years the commuting population seems to have exploded and no matter however much we try to squeeze and fit in; there is nudge or two from someone as a constant source irritation.
If only there were said and unsaid mannerisms followed. Constant announcements as it is fall on deaf ears.

My 4 years of travelling has leaded me to cohesively bind all these super irritating habits of fellow travelers.

Loud Music.
For my fellow travelers, there was a reason earphones were invented; realizing this very basic need of mankind.
You could be the proud owner of a freakishly expensive or technically the most powerful phone in the world but playing such loud music so as to create a hearing impairment in our ears is totally UNCOOL!
Your ears respect your taste in music. Not essentially everyone.
Humble Request: Please pay music for your own entertainment and keep in mind everyone else’s comfort.

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Incessant gossiping in Ultrasonic frequencies.

This might seem a parallel to the one mentioned above, nevertheless this is in the order of the highest importance.
While this may not only be a sense of acute irritation to the fellow passengers; you actually end up exposing up a great deal of your personal life to people you barely know.
Boyfriend gossips and colleagues bitching can wait or better still. Slow down. A lot of us involuntarily get to know a lot about your life’s history. We’re uncomfortable.

Trying to lean on to the poles.

If there was an annoying meter for all the habits put together, mark this as number 1.
If your back is broken, there is a kind way to ask for a seat. A lot many people I see have this compulsive disorder of leaning onto the pole. A misconceived notion is that the person holding it for support wouldn’t realise.
Excuse me. We’re probably consuming the same amount of nutrients that you do. So just in case, you’re trying too hard to be too smart. Refrain.



Eating and Littering.

Announcements have been made and fines put but Alas! We would just as be how we are.
Littering in the metro is one of the most commonly annoying habits of many.
I understand the hunger pangs but there is just an equally decent way of putting the wrappers in your bag and then disposing them off in a bin.

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Charity begins at home and the Clean India initiative has to be our responsibility.

Alighting before people de-board the metro.

The driver knows the amount of time that two set of passengers need to cross and the metro gates are managed accordingly. Your rushing in to grab a seat only disturbs the Physics and creates shackles. Also you’re no Hercules that you’d tear across the crowd in one go.

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Patience and calm management helps here.

Follow the basics and lead a happy and comfortable metro life

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