Top 5 Weekend Destinations from Mumbai

Long weekends according to GoPaisa team is the best thing that has happened to humans. From satiating wanderlust to beating our office blues, long weekends do everything perfectly. And to get a taste of what they do, 12th to 15th of August is the ideal time.

Long weekends are our true knight in shining armour strengthening us to execute our much postponed trips. Mumbaikars take this matter seriously and always like to take the road not taken. So, here we are with a list of several offbeat destinations.


Who doesn’t love wine tasting? But Tuscany certainly can be expensive, worry not. We have our own Tuscany called Sula Vineyards. Beyond Vineyard Resort located in Nashik is indeed the regal accommodation that you were looking for to spend this weekend. So to reconnect with your loved one, this is indeed the best place.


One thing that Mumbaikars religiously look for during holidays is respite from sweltering humid. Amba Ghat is the ethereal mountain destination that now serves adventurers well. This site is known for paragliding all over India. It is close to Konkan coast and one can definitely feel the bearing of it. From spectacular waterfalls to dense forests, this destination is bound to calm you. Whispering Woods is a charming inn that will make your stay even more delightful. Homestays like Onest Homestay guarantees to render a feeling of love within you.


Are you too tired of the hustle bustle of Mumbai? So, are we. And this is why we have Satara on this list. This is the ideal location for spending such weekends; this city brims with the sparkly ebbs of Krishna River. Magnificent Thosegar waterfalls and the mighty Pratapgad will transport you to another world. If you wish to feel magical, Kaas Pathar- Valley of Flowers, is your destination. Welang Cottage, Hotel Preeti Executive are great picks for accommodation.


Are you a history buff? If, yes then Vijaydurg is your true calling. This destination stands as the illustration of the naval power of mighty Marathas. Pristine, undisturbed beaches make this destination a nature lover’s number one destination. A stroll on the beach along with savouring on Malvani Curry will make your weekend a memorable affair. Fort Victor or Vijaydurg Fort are a must visit. Green Valley Fort View resort and Samindar Beach House will cast a magical spell on you.


Amboli is rightly called the Queen of Maharashtra and it should be too for its nature’s bounty. This hill station has a number of treasures, be it diverse flora and fauna or majestic waterfalls. Nature lovers in short are in for a treat.Konkan Crown Resort and Club though a little far but is bound to make you fall in love with it.
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