Top Five Weekend Destinations Around Kolkata

Kolkata has been a busy city since the inception of British rule and this stands to be the case hitherto. These cosmopolitan city dwellers  v very well know how to make the best of every weekend. With a long weekend near in our sight, from 12th to 15th August, we have compiled a list of several offbeat destinations from Kolkata.


Trust me this city is everything all you techies, business people, in short those who lack inspiration need. With Eastern Himalayas providing us panorama of our lives, it is the gateway to deep and beautiful Tea Gardens. These tranquil tea estates instil a deep sense of rejuvenation in you.  Magnetic streams and the exotic flora and fauna is all you need to savour on for this weekend. Paramita Resorts can certainly be considered for your stay.


This village boasts of being the most colourful villages you will ever see. From orange orchards to lush verdant, this hamlet looks straight out from an artist’s sketch book. Samsing will give you the much deserved break from the hustle- bustle of city life. This village also serves as the gateway to Neora National Park.  Homestays in this hamlet are delightful and strives hard to make your stay a memorable one.


This is the perfect spot for all those who can’t do without their affair from history. All those who wish to feast on the ruins of architectural grandeur of a bygone era, do visit this one. Delicate carvings and paintings say so much about the Pal and Sen Dynasty of this region. All those looking to travel and stay on a budget, this destination is apt for all of you.


Are you all too a fan of the new Eco-tourism? If yes, then this is the place you have to be. We all were born in the era when spotting forests and wilderness wasn’t a rarity but in today’s time it is. So, bring your kids along and show them the forests out of the textboks. Chechuria is a man made eco-sanctuary that is lined with escapades of trees, ideal for walking along. The chirping of birds, soft breeze and the wilderness sounds like a perfect retreat for us city junkies.  Arrange your accommodation prior at the Forest Bungalow and enjoy local delicacies too.


Is trekking the ultimate respite for you? Always going to Northern Himalayas bores you? If your answer was yes, to these two, then we have the ultimate trekking destination for you: SANDAKPHU.  This is the highest peak of West Bengal and let me tell you

So, all you city- dwellers, we are sure by now all of you’d want to leave your city-ness and take on your “wanderer hats”!!!


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