Top Weekend Destinations near Chennai

Chennai people are known for their hard work and they are also known to reap their efforts luxuriously. Whenever a long weekend comes, they do not like to simply rile away their time. They take it seriously and this is why we have come up with a list of offbeat destinations that are going to treat those living in Chennai, graciously.


Yercaud is a mystical destination. This place is a must visit destination  for all those who are stuck in a 9-5 job. Yercaud is surrounded by verdant all round. The majestic Kiliyur waterfalls, rejuvenating Rose Garden and the Bears Cave are an absolute treat to your eyes.  Rock Perch, Yercaud is a great choice for accommodation if you wish to be transported to another world.

BR Hills

This hill range is located at the meeting point of Western and Eastern Ghats. All those craving for a time off from the very monotonous yet boring city life, should head to this destination. Nature lovers are in for a treat since the most diverse kinds of flora and fauna have selected this range as their home. Those who have a penchant for cultures will be captivated by the Soliga Tribe. This city offers you a wide variety of homestays that will host you graciously.


Don’t we all love to stare at panoramic views and lofty peaks during vacations? If this is what you like, head straight to this hamlet. Meghamalai is known for its wildlife sanctuary and for its waterfall cascading from a height of 190 mts. Greenwoods Resort is a place you need to be.


Agreed, this quaint little town has a few busy spots that look they have been taken straight from Aamchi Mumbai. But you too have to agree that the quiet and the virgin spots of this town resemble just like the English countryside. Tribal Research Centre, Rose Garden and the St. Stephen’s Church are a sure shot. The Kurumba Village Resort will drive back you to those peaceful villages, the ones that lure you!

What are you waiting for people?? Go get your rooms booked, right now.

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