Top Weekend Destinations near Kochi

Kochi is one of the largest corporate hubs of Southern India and is surrounded by lofty peaks, majestic waterfalls and idyllic scenery. But alas not everyone can enjoy it, I did mention “largest corporate hubs”. Although this won’t be the case from 12th to 15th of August since you can embark on those long strolls on the beach, and those road trips that were planned decades ago.

To not to reduce you all to a cliché, we have come up with a list of several offbeat destinations around your city to keep you preoccupied.


However much you say about Kodagu, it will never suffice to its beauty. Surreal beauty of this little town along with a diverse flora and fauna is a true relief for all of us residing in sly cities. Abbey Falls is going to rejuvenate you from within and Elephant Farm will help you to reconnect with your children, just the way they wanted to.  A hike to Tadiyenamol is a must try, if you wish to witness heaven on Earth.  The Tamara is a great option if exuberance is in your mind. If you are looking to save a little, homestays are great options and brownie points for authentic cuisine.


The larger than life Southern Indian town that brims with royalty and enchanting monuments, according to us is the best way to satiate your interrogative needs this weekend. This town apart from being historically rich has deep rooted traditions. So all those who have a penchant for cultures will have a gala time. Mysore Palace can’t be missed. If you are looking to have steaming hot yet delicious Southern Indian delicacies, Café Aramane is a good choice. With a large number of choices for accommodation, this trip would be hassle free.

P.S.: Now that you are here, don’t forget to stack up on traditional Southern Indian spices.

Silent Valley National Peak

This is a National Park that been accorded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site, do we need to say more?

This Valley that comes under the Nilgiris provides habitation to quite a number of endangered animals like the Ceylon Frogmouth and the Lion–tailed Macaque. Rivers brimming with life and the beautiful wilderness will captivate you forever. Treetop Resort is a great choice, it provides luxury in budget.


Do you feel that the spirituality is lacking in you?  Do you feel that you need to reconnect with your Guru? If this is the case with you, head out to this quaint little town, meditate and visit the splendid temples and waterfalls this city offers. Vadakummnathan Temple and Athhirappily Waterfalls beauty act as bondage to visit them. With a range of homestays available, accommodation won’t act as a hindrance to your travel plans. Either on money or on comfort.


Pollachi is widely known Porul Alachi. This city is known to captivate its tourists for its wonderful weather. This city is Southern India’s film industry favorite for its picturesque locations. All those who love jaggery, are in for a treat since this city has the largest Jaggery Market of India. With a wildlife sanctuary too in this city, this is bound to be your family’s favourite. Coco Lagoon is a great choice for  accommodation

With this list, we are sure you’ll make the most of your long weekend.

Vacay away!

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