A Well-Suited Kerala Itinerary

We officially have crossed the 8th month of this year and work woes, are topping the charts. Traffic jams literally have jammed us and how could we forget, the suffocating air of the so-called metro.  Aren’t we Guys on the same page? And if we are, then to break the cycle of this ‘vicious city’, we are here to ‘save’ you. Kerala has always been on a traveller’s list, be it backpacker/ couple or a family, this state caters to all. From pristine balmy beaches to majestic waterfalls to lofty mountains, Kerala is indeed God’s own country!

In today’s age, there are a host of options for travelling, air, and rail or by air. But the most convenient option stands to be by air.  Take a flight from your respective cities to Kochi, Kochi is one of the busiest airports India has and surely there will be no connectivity issues.  Kochi has one of the most exuberant hotels like Trident, Taj Gateway, Le Meridien so if you wish to spoil yourself, certainly pick these hotels.  All those who love to know about cultures, must experience homestay once.  And the best part is that these are relatively affordable too!


Kochi undoubtedly is the largest city Kerala has. Kochi as a city remains enigma to many, colonised by three European powers: Portuguese, Dutch and British, this city certainly bears imprint of that. We highly recommend a walking tour of Kochi to get an idea of wonderful street art!  Jew Town in this city gives us an idea of Jewish architecture and all architecture lovers must visit this place. Mattancherry has a very famous Spice Market, we recommend everyone to visit this market. Even if you are not a spice lover, different kind of oils, tea, and coffee and aromatherapy potions is surely going to make you awe-struck.  This quaint little town has a Dutch Palace too; murals in the bedchamber showcase Ramayana scene artistically. The museum reveals the history between the Portuguese, Dutch and the native history perfectly.  Kochi has a fine site of Churches like St. Francis and Saint Basilica; if you wish to have two minutes of heaven then these Churches are your go to place. Mary’s Restaurant, Loafer’s Corner, Oceano’s, kashi Café are bound to impress you!  


To get a true experience of Kerala, we highly recommend you visit all the festivities happening around you, colours and the grandeur is going to enthral you! Onam is one of the most celebrated Keralite festivals and to see it being celebrated in its full zenith, one can go to Kottayam.  Kottayam and Cochin are close by, one can reach Kottayam by road, and quite a number of bus services can be availed.  Once you have gained a taste of Onam celebrations in Kottayam, we recommend you leave for Allepey same day as Kottayam doesn’t boast of anything as such. Cabs stand to be your best option available.


Allepey has been regarded as the ‘Venice of the East’, and the picturesque location of this city is a testimony to this phrase. Backwaters according to me are the perfect mantra for a blissful break. From calm waters to calm blue sky, Allepey is going to cast its magic onto you.  Who doesn’t want to be whisked away to a 150-year-old pier and to a fascinating Lighthouse? We all do, but it becomes even more interesting and appealing when Alappuhza beach has both of these things.  A good book and a sunscreen is all you need to find your peace nirvana in this magical beach.  Does Bird watching interests you? If you find this alluring, take a visit to Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. Kingfisher, Egrets, Paradise Fly-Catcher are some of the birds you can easily spot there.  Since it is a 14 acres long sanctuary, boat safaris can be used to traverse the sanctuary.  Once you have toured the balmy beaches, it is time for a spiritual upliftment and Karumadi Kuttan Statue surely promises you one!  This majestic black granite statue dominating the skyline of Kerala stands true to the rich historical past of Buddhism in Kerala.  Do you miss Thailand, especially for shopping?  Did you fall in love with the entire floating market experience? If that is you, then Floating Triveni is going to be your favourite.  If you wish to have a complete experience of Allepey, you simple can’t miss the Snake Boat Race having worldwide fame.

Event date: 8th Sept’17

Venue: River Pamba

Location: Aranmula

Allepey has a wide range of options when it comes to accommodation. All those who are looking to not to spend much, can definitely consider this homestay. Ramada Aleppey is a great hotel to vacay away.  


Munnar is an ethereally beautiful town. This idyllic hill station is known for its breath-taking locales to craggy peaks. This hill station is a very famous tea-plantation in the Southern State of Munnar.  What better than Rose Garden to start your tour of this magical day?  This garden has abundant splashes of colour with heart-warming blossoms, from exotic flowers to cardamom, vanilla to litchi and strawberry. We are sure, once you have reached, you’ll never want to go away. After all who doesn’t like a hundred flowery bolts!! You can reach this Garden by using the local transportation and it is only an hour away.

Timings: 10AM to 5PM

Entry Fee: Rs.30

Elephants are considered as ‘majestic animals’. And who wouldn’t want a ride on this majestic animal? Trust us; all of us feel our belly going upside down but the moment you ride and feel like a Southern Indian Queen. Apart from this, Mattupetti Dam is another treasure Munnar has. This dam is famous for Indo-Swiss farm. All those who love a little adrenalin rush can hike the Shola forest and chill near the lake. While you’re there you can go for pedal boat, motor boat or a speed boat, if thrill excites you.  It is located 13kms from Munnar so we recommend you to hire a local cab for travelling. Trip to Munnar simply can’t be completed without a visit to Kolukkumai Tea Estate, this tea estate is the highest in the World and is extremely famous for its flavoursome tea.  Chandy’s Wind Woods is a great option if you are looking to splurge.  Homestays certainly are another convenient option.


Commuting from Munnar to Thrissur can certainly be tricky since there are no direct trains or air routes, so the best way possible is to take cab for this very route.  All those who have a penchant for culture, this city can’t be missed in short, the essential –Kerala-experience can’t be without Thrissur. This city is rightly called as the ‘Cultural Capital of Kerala’, so if you wish to experience the festival glitter and glitz, definitely give this city a visit.  We don’t know when are we going to visit, Niagara Falls, but we simply can’t let go of the chance of visiting ‘Niagara Falls of India’.  Athirapally Falls scenic beauty is enhanced certainly under the backdrop of thick lush green foliage.  Apart from this on your way to Athirapally Falls, quite a number of water parks can be spotted so that really can be considered.  Southern Indian architecture of deep engravings, murals, Gopurams and Mandapas is revered by all. Vadakummnathan temple is indeed a divine place.  Avnathika Homestay is indeed a delightful place to stay in. Pulikali a dance festival is extremely famous in this part of state. Pulikali although a festival that is celebrated in Onam but it has its deep roots in Thrissur and hence it is celebrated with grandeur and excellence.  In this festival hundreds of Men with a pot belly, paint them with Tiger motifs and take part in Tiger Dance which is considered as an important ritual in harvest festival of Onam.  Today’s youth embrace this festival with open arms and hence an increase has been seen in the participation.

We are sure you have started planning your Kerala trail!


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