Summer beauty care regime


Living in a country like India, it is not an easy task to keep your skin supple, glowing and rejuvenated every time. It requires a lot of routine care and measures. 

The weather of our country is sometimes humid while other times very dry. Thus, you have to take care of your skin as per the continuous changing weather. Both winters and summer do harsh on the skin in their very own ways.Winters take out the flaky skin leaving the skin dry and rough. Whereas, who is not aware of the scorching heat of the summer which leaves behind tanning bringing unevenness to the skin.

The dust and dirt in the weather along with the sweat is much of a deadly combination to deal with, and when I say deadly I actually mean it.


It almost kills me when I come back late in the evening and look at myself in the mirror with so much of unevenness and oil on my face. Since I have an oily skin I’m much more prone to acne, dust, and dirt. My skin behaves as if it is a magnet catching dust and dirt from all around the atmosphere.


As the summers have arrived I would talk much about the Dos and Don’ts you must follow to keep your skin hydrated in this humidity.


First and foremost as everyone says and it is much important- drinking 3 to 4 liters of water a day. When you listen to people with great skin as what they do with their skin they will usually come up with saying, they drink a lot of water and trust me when they say it they actually mean it.

1. Drinking abundance amount of water– can actually do wonders on your skin. It may look like you are having no change and you won’t feel anything at the very beginning, but I would suggest you to try it for a minimum of 2 weeks and you can feel the change.

Like any engine needs petrol for running, likewise, the human mechanism does need an adequate amount of water for its proper functioning. The summers tend to almost drain up the entire moisture in your body leaving you dehydrated.

Adding enough water to your routine can work like a magical wand keeping you fresh and supple from inside. Water tends to bring a constant glow from inside flushing out all the toxins.

It is much advisable as soon as you get up, drink at least 1 ltr water on an empty stomach. Like before using a utensil you just wash and clean it first the same goes for your stomach as well, drinking 2 glasses of water early in the morning will cleanse your body, flushing all the extra toxins out of your body.

When your body is toxin free it will glow from inside and so less will be required to do from outside.

2.Fruits and Veggies– Another great thing to do this summer is try on raw fruits and pulp and increasing your liquid intake. Refrain yourself from tea and coffee and go for fresh juices and cool drinks. Saunf water and jaljeera give a great boost to the tummy whereas buttermilk early in the morning is a delight to our stomach. A happy stomach brings out a much happier skin. Try eating raw fruits rather going for juices, if you have sufficient time. Eating raw fruits gives a lot of roughage which is very important to flush the waste out of the body.


3. Cleaning before you sleep- no matter how tough your day was or how tired you are, never forget to cleanse your skin before you hit the bed. Cleansing your face is very important after roaming and working badly in the sun. Go easy on your skin. Rubbing and harshly treating the skin will only worsen it breaking out the tissues. Gently cleanse your skin with an oil-based cleanser as they do not over dry your skin.

Always remember oil is great for our skin.  Regardless of all the myth you heard about oil, too much may harm but a good amount of oil is necessary for the skin. Oil not only keeps the skin balanced and hydrated but also helps to bring out the smoothness and glow.  Now if you have a very oily skin, going for a normal to dry skin cleanser would do good as your skin already has the adequate amount of oil needed.


Cleaning from your mascara to your lipstick make sure you sleep with almost no makeup on your face letting your skin breathe the entire night and giving it space and time to naturally heal itself.

4. Toning– after cleansing we move onto the next step which is toning. Now toning is also very essential for the skin but I would not advise to everybody especially those with already smaller pores. Toner tends to shrink and tighten the pores and cleanse the left dirt from much deeper.


5. Serum– serum acts as the essential supplement to the skin. As our skin needs an adequate amount of vitamins and other minerals, serum gives the necessary supplement, resulting in hydration, brightness, polishing, and smoothing of the skin.

Now, you would ask why serum? So basically the night creams and moisturizers you apply only tend to have 5 to 10% of the active ingredients while serum contains a total of 70 to 80% of active ingredients needed for healing of the skin. Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E are some basic serums needed for the skin.


6. Night creams & moisturizer– and before you finally step into your bed moisturizing is the last thing to do. Moisturization not only gives the extra hydration and oil which is needed for the skin, it makes you wake up with a fresh clear skin.

To avoid all the flakiness and roughness moisturization should never be missed from your night care regime.

Little is enough. Do not make your skin depend on the oils and moisturizers to hydrate itself rather let it produce the natural oil from within.

Olive and coconut oil can be great natural moisturizers. Adding a pinch drop of vitamin-E oil to your moisturizers can do wonders for your skin.

Who does not wants to look great and secret to your beauty do lies in a great skin. A great luminous skin always catches gazes and attention. A bright clear skin texture is admired by all.

Your skin is your responsibility, maybe you ain’t born with a great skin but keeping good care and following a set of routine can help you get the desired result you always wanted for yourself.

So why not? It is just gonna take 15 minutes of your daily life. There are so many apps these days which remind you of drinking water every hour in case you forget to care for yourself amidst your hard routine.

So take care of your skin and get the desired skin you always wanted for yourself.


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